What is Water-proof Fire Alarm System?

What is Water-proof Fire Alarm System?

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Waterproof Heat Detector 
Fixed Temperature Waterproof Heat Detector, the detector uses a bi-metallic strip to sense temperature change, therefore consuming minimal standby current and providing high reliability.
The Detector is particularly suited to environments, which are exposed to high levels of condensation or are hosed down. The detector has a wide operating margin allowing it to respond to both slow and fast increases in temperature; it can also sense temperature reliably in a horizontal or vertical position.

Weatherproof Horn Strobe
The Weatherproof Horn Strobe Series offers dependable visible and/or audible alarms for all outdoor needs.
The enclosure is made of high-quality material, providing protection from weather-related conditions and allowing the necessary full candela output. This highly constructed enclosure meets various installation requirements including deterring moisture from entering the enclosures.
The Outdoor Series is equipped with the 4" mounting plate which incorporates the Super-Slide feature that allows the installer to easily test for supervision. The product also features a locking mechanism that secures the product to the bracket without any screws showing.
The Weatherproof conventional type sound and light alarm, sound and light for short. It is an automatic fire alarm system output device, mainly through the alarm will sound and flash signal, suggesting that people fire.

Waterproof Transparent Cover Plastic Enclosure Electrical Junction Box
Waterproof Fire Alarm Call Point
waterproof fire alarm call point is specifically designed for use for use outside, or within harsh environments such as oil rigs, ships, factories, and wash-down areas.

How does it work?
The over-ride button utilizes a unique rigid plastic operating element and an over-center spring mechanism. Upon impact, the unit immediately activates the override or cut-off mechanism. Once activated a warning indicator drops into view so the building's owner/operator can quickly identify which call point was activated. It can then be reset with the turn of the plastic key (supplied with the unit).
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