Home Use Fire Alarm Standalone Smoke Detector

Home Use Fire Alarm Standalone Smoke Detector

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Standalone smoke detector doesn’t need wiring, and uses battery power. Once there is fire, it will sense the smoke and alarm. It can be used in net bars, dance halls, coffee shops, residences and so on for fire monitoring.
With the standalone smoke detector, there will be a reminder when forgetting to turn off the stove. The detector will detect the smoke, and immediately make a sound louder than 80 dB and start to flash, warning people that there is a fire and that they should take measures to protect themselves in time.

Standalone smoke detector working principle

The photoelectric sensor measures the concentration of smoke through light and light sensor. In product design, the light beam originally deviates from the sensor. When smoke enters the sensing chamber, the smoke particles will scatter part of the light beam onto the sensor. As the concentration of smoke increases, more light beams will be scattered. When the light beam reaches a certain level, the smoke detector alarm will sound.

Standalone smoke detector application

The standalone smoke detector can be widely applied in residences, nursing homes, service institutions for the disabled, kindergartens, community activity places, old residential buildings, dormitories, rental flats, hotels, basements, and other places where there might be fire happening.

Standalone smoke detector installation area

The standalone smoke detector should be installed in the public areas of the buildings and places mentioned above.
Besides, it should also be installed in the bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, and inner aisles of residential buildings. Outside the residence, the standalone smoke detector should be installed in the upper part of evacuation stairs on each floor, and other places that might catch on fire.

Standalone smoke detector installation

The standalone smoke detector is generally installed on the ceiling of the protecting area, for the smoke in a fire is lighter than the air, so it is easier to float upwards. Installing the standalone smoke detector on the ceiling can help detect the smoke better.
When installing, you should first fix the smoke detector base with screws, then rotate the standalone smoke detector into the base.

Standalone smoke detector installation notes

1.Don’t install the standalone smoke detector in places with high temperatures and lots of oil and smoke. Keep the environment clean.
2.Avoid using lots of mousses, insecticides, and diluents that produce colloidal suspended matter affecting the detection of the smoke detector.
3.The standalone smoke detector should be installed after the house decoration, in case it is in a rather unclean environment.
4.In places that are close to fluorescent lamps, the standalone smoke detector should be installed at least 1.5m away from them.
5.Please install the battery in the standalone smoke detector according to the product manual.

Standalone smoke detector battery change

The standalone smoke detector will automatically detect the battery voltage every minute, and it will warn people once every minute before the battery runs out (its warning sound is "beep"). If there are warning sounds, you should replace the battery in time within 30 days, otherwise, it will affect the normal operation of the standalone smoke detector.
ASENWARE offers different types of standalone smoke detectors, such as 10-year battery smoke detectors, 12V standalone smoke detectors, 220V standalone smoke detectors, battery heat smoke detectors, etc., meeting customers' different needs with different types of product features and designs.
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