Manifold Type FM200 Gas Suppression System

Manifold Type FM200 Gas Suppression System

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The fire extinguishing agent storage cylinder of the manifold type FM200 gas suppression system is usually placed in the special cylinder room and connected through the pipe network. When a fire occurs, the fire extinguishing agent will be conveyed from the cylinder to the protection area, and will be sprayed through the nozzle to extinguish the fire.

What Consists in System
Manifold type FM200 gas suppression system consists: fire extinguishing cylinders, high-pressure hose, fire extinguishing agent check valve, startup gas cylinders, safety relief valve, selection valve, pressure signal device, nozzle, high-pressure pipeline, high-pressure pipe fittings, etc.

1. Fire extinguishing cylinders
The fire extinguishing cylinders includes fire extinguishing agent storage cylinder, flat head control valve, safety valve, manual valve, pressure gauge, and FM200 fire extinguishing agent. Storage cylinders can be divided into different models according to their volume.

2. High-pressure hose
The high-pressure hose connects the fire extinguishing cylinders and the extinguishing agent check valve.

3. Fire extinguishing agent check valve
The fire extinguishing agent check valve is installed between the high-pressure hose and the collector to prevent the gas from flowing backward.

4. Startup gas cylinders
Nitrogen is filled in the startup gas cylinders. When a fire occurs, the startup gas cylinders will open the selection valve and the cylinder head control valve to release the fire extinguishing agent when receiving a signal. The startup gas cylinders include gas storage cylinder, cylinder head control valve, electromagnetic starter, safety valve, manual valve, pressure gauge, and fire extinguishing gas.

5. Safety relief valve
The safety relief valve is used to prevent the overpressure of the system.

6. Selection valve
When a manifold type FM200 gas suppression system protects many protection zones, the selector valve will be used to control the fire extinguishing agent to enter the certain protection zone. According to the size of the pipe diameter, choose the right selection valve.

7. Pressure signal device
The pressure signal device reflects the extinguishing signal of the fire extinguishing agent.

8. Nozzles
For spraying fire extinguishing agent.

9. High-pressure pipeline
High-pressure pipes are used to transport fire extinguishing agents.

10. High-pressure pipe fittings
High-pressure fittings are used to connect high pressure pipelines.

Manifold type FM200 gas suppression system is suitable for data centers, libraries, archives, valuables warehouses, power stations (transformer rooms), telecommunication centers, clean workshops and other important places.
ASENWARE provides manifold type FM200 gas suppression system to meet the specific needs of customers, helping them to protect different places safely.
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